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Raw Diet Plan And Its Benefits For Healthy Body

What are the benefits of a raw food diet plan?what is a raw food diet? Those two questions come immediately to the mind of anyone who is first hearing people talk about the changes a raw food diet has made in their lives. These changes are so remarkable they are compelled to talk about it and usually with great excitement. Let us explore those two questions in a little more depth.

When you first hear the phrase “raw food diet” you probably have visions of eating raw fish, raw beef, and other raw meats. While some people find sushi a very delightful dish, most people are extremely reluctant to eat raw meats. A raw food diet primarily consists of eating a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts. These foods are left uncooked to preserve the highest quantites of vitamins, minerals, and natural enzymes found in the foods. These foods are rich in natural energy, too.
You will discover this diet of raw foods in not only filled with healthy nutrients but is very flavorful, too.While you may have cravings for a few of your old food items, you will be pleasantly surprised at the amazing alternatives from a variety of raw food diet recipes.

Benefits Of Raw Food Diet Plan:

This is where the reasons to go to a high percentage of raw foods get really interesting. Here are a few of the benefits you can expect froma a raw food diet plan.
Major gains in energy.
Better looking skin.
No more constipation.
Reduced frequencies of diarrhea,
Freedom from toxic induced symptoms like eczema, asthma and hair loss.
Healthy weight loss.
Reduced allergic reactions.

Guide To Eat Raw Food Diet:

At each meal, plan to fill half your plate with fresh, non starchy veggies and fruit. Make a reasonable portion of those raw, but some cooked can be beneficial too.

Lightly cooking at temperature less than 100 degress, streaming, juicing, sprouting and using slow cookers are ways to gently cook the food you are not eating raw. Typically on a mostly raw food dit, about 75% to 80% of what you eat is be plant based foods that were never heated above 115 degrees fahrenheit, but there is room for variation.

Replace bad fats with good fats: get rid of any hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils, trans fats, soybean oil, canola oil, and vegetable oils. Replace these with good fats like extra virgin oil, cold pressed coconut oil , grass-fed butter , avocado and nuts/seeds.

Focus on having quality animal products in moderation.

Replace all surgery snacks and refined grains. This includes all white rice, white pasta, cereal and white bread,plus pizza, sugary sauces/condiments, soups, crackers,fruit drinks, canned foods and sweetened yourt. Instead have soaked/sprouted grain products 9like sprouted beans, ezekiel bread or sourdough bread) in moderation. Also eat real fruit for a sweet treat instead of sweetened snacks.