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Burn 1200 Calories By Vegan Meal Plan

A healthy life means eating raw foods, breathing properly thinking properly and acting properly. But all of the above start with a respectful diet , that helps you to maitian healthy body and soul.In order to achieve healthy body you must follow Vegan diet. Here we will discuss one healthy vegan diet plan which makes you body more healthier like never before.


Sunday: Soy milk, fluid blueberry, raw 100% bran cereal tea, speciality,green
Monday: Granola cereal soy milk, fluid blueberry, raw tea, speciality, green
Wednesday: coffee,brewed,prepared soy milk, fluid easy vegan pancakes blueberry pancake sauce cantaloupe raw.
Thursday: Pea-barley breakfast herbal tea, brewed
Friday: Scrambld tofu coffee, brewed, prepared soy milk, fluid
Saturday: Blueberry Muffins Tea. speciality, Green soy yogurt, vanilla strawberry , raw.

Mini Snacks:

Sunday:Herbal tea, brewed orange, california, Raw
Monday:Apple, raw peanut butter, smooth, no salt water. drinking water. carbonated
Tuesday: Water, Drinking orange, california, raw
Wednesday:Soy yogurt, vanilla strawberry, Raw herbal tea, Brewed
Thursday: Orange, california, Raw water, Drinking
Friday: Tea Speciality, green Vegan banana bread
Saturday:Water Drinking cheese alternative, cheddar flavored grape, European type raw


Sunday: whole wheat bread,egg salad” with water
Monday: Black bean and sweet potato salad,water drinking
Tuesday:water drinking lentil, pear and soy cheese salad
Wednesday:sunflower crunch salad herbal tea, brewed
Thursday:grilled portobella club water, drinking
Friday: Water, drinking grilled soy cheese sandwich watermelon , raw
Saturday: apple, raw Herbal Tea, Brewed veggie sandwich

Afternoon Snacks:

Sunday:soy bean,edamame, frozen, bag water, drinking
Monday:hummus, commercial rye water cracker, pain watermelon, raw tea speciality green
Tuesday: water, drinking water, carbonated vegetarian vegetable soup, condensed
wednesday: Water, drinlong apple, Raw
Thursday:Pumpkin and squash seed, dried water, drinking
Friday: water, drinlong hummus, commercial rye water cracker, plain
Saturday: Orange all varieties,Raw water, Drinling Dip, Spicy black Bean, Non fat crackers, whole wheat


Sunday: water drinking, Tofu and spaghetti squash
Monday: crispy Tofu, Green vegetables with sesame ginger dressing, water drining
Tuesday: Pasta with grillled vegetables, water drinking
Wednesday: Tofu and bean casserole water drining
Thursday:Vegan chili, water drinking
Friday: Tomatoes stuffed with white bean salad, Herbal tea, brewed
Saturday: Tofu fajitas, tea speciality, green