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List Of Foods Essential For Paleo Diet Paleo diet for weight loss what is diet? what is paleo diet?

List Of Foods Essential For Paleo Diet

Below are suggestions for what you can add to your grocery shopping list to get ready to eat more of a paleo based diet. Suggestions are broken down by food group, so you should try to purchase at least a few items from each category to make sure you are eating all the nutrients you need to stay healthy.

Paleo Sources of Protein:

Red meat(steak, pork, beef, bison in moderation)
wild game
Eggs(both white and yolk)
All meat consumed on the paleo diet must be grass fe/free range.

Paleo Sources Of Fruit:

Berries, pears
Apples, avocado
Citrus fruis, Tomatoes

Paleo Sources of Vegetables:

Cauliflower, celery
Gren onion, Root vegetables(carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, radishes)
Eggplant, peppers
Dark green leafy vegetables(spinach , kale , broccoli)

Ideas For Snacks:

Celery with almond butter(vegetable , fat and proteim
Dark chocolate
Hard cooked egg plant (halved ) with mashed avocado (protein and fruit)
Grass fed jerky
Kale chips(vegetable)
Deviled eggs (protein)