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Foods Rich In Mineral, Vitamins And Protein Needed For Vegan Diet

Vegetables, legumes and fruits have a very special role to play in our daily diet. They are the protective foods.Together with nuts and seeds they not only provide us with many of the essential nutrients our bodies need from day to day , they also protect us against the ageing process.The word legumes includes lentils beans and peas.
As we grow older our bodies can start to show some wear and tear. Blood pressure can increase, the blood vessels that feed the heart with vital oxygen diabetes, cataracts in their eyes or even get cancer. Eating plenty of vegetables, legumes and fruits and including some nuts and seeds throughout life, can help to protect against these common problems.

Legumes, Nuts and Seeds
High in protein and fibre, source of calcium, zinc, iron and B vitamins.They also support a healthy immune system .
There are at least 6 different varieties of lentils, each with its own unique flavour and texture and versatility. It is true that nuts can be very pricey such as macadamia, hazelnuts, pecans and pine nuts. however, walnuts, almonds, cashew brazil nuts and peanuts are available at most supermarkets and are more affordable. Seeds such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and sesame seeds are found everywhere nowadays. A teaspoon sprinkled on the morning cereal or in a salad can be a wonderful way to get seeds into your diet if you prefer not to eat them on their own(although they do make a delicioous snack).

Grains high in protein, minerals and fibre with complex carbohydrates for energy
Whole grain are preferable to refined grains, because the refining process removes the healthiest nutrients. brown rice, oats, millet and quinoa are fantastic sources of B vitamins, fibre, minerals, proteins and antioxidants. For gluten intolerant individuals, rice, millet and quinoa are gluten free. They can be prepared in a variety of ways, from pillafs and spicy savoury dishes to salads. Quinoa and millet are considered “super foods” .

Rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre and phytochemicals
The vegetable world is full of colour and nutrients and variety. Eating a wide variety of colourful vegetable is not only delicious and creative, but extremely healthy and provides an assortment of protective nutrients in your diet. It is impossible to list all the wonderful vegetables that are available . It is recommended to buy what is in season in your country at the time, as that is nature’s way of letting us know which are the most beneficial for us to consume at that time of year (not to mention the most affordable and eco friendly)

Loaded with fibre and vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals ,fruits are great for hydration and they are a fantastic source of potassium and antioxidants.
Anything with seeds is considered a fruit, so this includes cucumbers, tomatoes and avocados as well as mandarins and apples etc. Most fruits are a great source of vitamin C and all fruits provide antioxidants and fibre. Whole fruits are more beneficial than fruit juices, and again it is recommended to consume what is in season in your country at the time.
Starting your day with a fruit smoothie is a great way to get your daily servings of fruit.

Vegans obtain Vitamin B12 from supplements such as vegan B12 tablest or sublingual drops, and /or B12 fortified foods. We do not need to consume animal products to obtains vitamin B12 and the bacteria can be manufactured without using animals.