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Healthy Three Days Vegan Meal Plan

Eating healthy is a very important to living a healthy life style. All of us have a busy schedule which means meals are often stuck and very unhealthy. To avoid unhealthy diet we should learn what healthy eating is . We should plan a healthy snack or meal rather than grabbing a candy bar to fill that growing stomach. Going for a vegan meal plan would be the best option for healthy lifestyle. Here is the best three days vegan meal plan for you which you can follow for healthy body.

Day 1:

Breakfast: Avocado kick om toast-smashed avocado with nourish chipotle sauce and sun dried tomato.
Snack 1: beets juice-cold pressed beetroot, ginger, apple celery and wheat grass.
Lunch: Nourish superfood salad with berries, avocado, quinoa, spiced red cabbage, mixed greens, sproted seeds and dukkah.
Snack 2: seasonal fruit pot with coconut cream and row cacao shavings.
Dinner: thai green curry cashews, seved with mixed rice and spiralised veg.

Day 2:

Breakfast: Raw chocolate and date organic oat bircher pot and kale power kick smoothie.
Snack 1: Falafal bites with sun dried tomato hummus.
Lunch: Baked sweet potato with brazilian bean stew and a side of slaw.
Snack 2: Chocolate avocado mousse made with coconut milk, topped with goji berries.
Dinner: Vegetable tagine served with quinoa, rose harissa and super greens.

Day 3:

Breakfast: Vegan sausage and beans on toast – homemade nourish chipatte bean served on wholemesl toast with Mccartney sausages.
Snack 1:Nourish granola and fruit bar made with oats, apricots and goji berries, topped with raw chocolate and chia seeds.
Lunch: Nourish super greens wrap-a mix of avocado, hemp seeds, broccoli, spinach and lime with beetroot on a wholemeal wrap- a mix of avocado, hemp seeds, brocoolic, spinach and lime beetroot on a wholemeal wrap.
Snack 2: Baked harissa chipeas with paparika almonds
Dinner: red and black bean and chilado with guacamole and quinoa, served with a spiced salsa.