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Healthy Weight Loss By Vegan Meal Plan

Eating a healthy diet is a part of the healthy lifestyle, Not only a clean diet help with weight loss management, it can also imrpove your health and quality of life as you get older.We are discussing here an amazing vegan diet plan which will completely change your body by making it more healthier and beautiful. Lets start with the diet plan.

Meal 1:

Option 1 -oatmeal or quinoa with nuts and raisin
Option 2 -homemade breakfast or protein bar
Option 3– nut or seed butter whoelgrain toast
Option 4- Green smoothie with a handful of almonds
Option 5- Tofu tomato spinach scramble
Option 6- homemade muesli with coconut milk.

Meal 2:

Option 1- pasta with mixed roasted veggies or tomato paste
Option 2 -beans with rice or sweetcorn
Option 3- Baked sweet potato with salsa
Option 4- Lentil or mushroom soup with wholegrain toast
Option 5- roasted chickpeas with broccoli and red peppers
Option 6- tempeh or vegetable wrap

Meal 3:

Option 1-Roasted tempeh with tomato or cucumber salad
Option 2 – roasted seitan with green beans and broccoli
Option 3- eggplant tomato oven bake with tofu
Option 4- lettuce, cucumber sunflower seed and walnut salad
Option 5- Roasted mixed veggies with chickpeas or mushrooms
Otion 6-veggie burger with lettuce and tomatoes.


Options 1-hummus with celery or carrot sticks
Option 2-baked zucchini chips or sticks with onion dip
Option 3- half protein or breakfast bar
Option 4- banana or pear with a handful of walnuts
Opton 5- chia seeds pudding with berries
Option 6-vegan protein powder shake
Option 7- Two handful of roasted chickpeas